'The Star Wars 1' Bring It!! At first blush I thought of this what it kind of is, the last attempt to squeeze a few drops of blood out of the dusty veins of the Star Wars franchise. Was ready to dismiss it out of hand, and wouldn't have bought it except by request, but I'm glad I did, this is fascinating.

Firstly, the story pacing is pretty bad, you can tell this is a draft. There’s very little action, and a whole lot of talk, talk, talk, but Rinzler does make lemonade with the script. The art by Mike Mayhew and Rain Beredo is where things really get interesting. Its beautiful, cover to cover, and I got so caught up in how they had incorporated elements from the films in strange new combinations, I found myself reading pages several times to make sure I spotted everything.

Same with the story, the names are mixed together, as are the characters, and some of the ways they are presented might even have been more interesting than the films, like Anakin’s father. Seeing Darth Vader divided among 4 different characters, relearning the politics of the conflict, all of it can be appreciated on its own, but more importantly, it made me truly evaluate some of the plot points and characterizations from the original trilogy that have been so ingrained since childhood.

As a book on its own, its not that good. As one final trip to the Star Wars well, its a little awkward. But as a tool to help a fan truly appreciate why they fell in love with Star Wars in the first place, its brilliant, I didn’t think that anything, ever, would put a fresh light on Star Wars, but this did. Recommended, RAW.

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